The Unlikely Leading Man: About Time’s Domhnall Gleeson

    Published: October 27, 2013

    Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson lends his infectious everyman charm to About Time, a rom-com we can believe in.

    Name: Domhnall Gleeson

    Where You’ve Seen Him Before: The 30-year-old Dublin native scored a Tony nomination at just 23 for his role in The Lieutenant of Inishmore. Supporting parts in Hollywood films followed (he played the eldest Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 alongside his father, famed character actor Brendan Gleeson), including his buzzed-about turn as the painfully earnest Levin in 2012’s Anna Karenina.

    Why He’s Having A Moment: Expertly channeling the anxiety of a flailing romantic, Gleeson stars as a mawkish young lawyer who uses time travel to land his dream girl (Rachel McAdams) in About Time, written and directed by British rom-com titan Richard Curtis (Notting Hill, Love Actually). The aloofness came naturally to him, he admits: “I remember the awkward conversations with girls and all the rest of it.”

    What His Director Is Saying: “With Domhnall, you get the same thing you get in Tom Hanks,” Curtis says. “That feeling of a normal guy, rather than somebody who’s so handsome you can’t buy that he’s got problems.”

    When You’ll See Him Again: Next year, starring opposite Michael Fassbender in Frank; then as a World War II pilot in Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie and scripted by the Coen brothers.

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