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“About Time” DVD/Blu-Ray Release

Universal announced the DVD and Blu-Ray release for "About Time". The UK release date has been set on Monday February 3, 2014 and the US release date is a day later on February 4. Both the DVD and Blu-Ray...
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First “Calvary” Trailer

The very first trailer for "Calvary" was released. Domhnall's dad Brendan Gleeson stars in the movie and Domhnall has a small part in it as well. It was announced yesterday that the movie got selected for Sundance 2014.
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“About Time” Entertainment Weekly Interview

Entertainment Weekly released their interview with Domhnall to promote "About Time". Have you seen About Time yet? If you haven’t, maybe you should—if not for the heartwarming, comedic goodness that is a Richard Curtis movie (the mind behind Four...
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“Brooklyn” Casting Update

It was previously confirmed that Domhnall joined the cast of "Brooklyn" but ScreenDaily also has more news on the rest of the cast and distribution: Production on buzz script Brooklyn has come together with a bang at the beginning...
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Domhnall confirmed for “Brooklyn”

It was reported before that Domhnall was possibly involved in the "Brooklyn" adaption with Saoirse Ronan set to set. Now the news has been confirmed during the American Film Market last week. Deadline is reporting Domhnall, Ronan and Broadbent...
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“About Time” Gallery Additions

We added additional stills and social media promotional banner of "About Time" in our gallery. The movie is currently nationwide in theaters in the US. 2013 | About Time > Production Stills 2013 | About Time > Social Media...
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Interview Magazine

Interview magazine released a brand new interview and photoshoot with Domhall to promote "About Time" We added the photoshoot in our gallery, and you can find the interview below/inside. Photoshoots from 2013-2011 > 2013 | Interview Magazine Domhnall Gleeson...
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New “About Time” Movie Clip

The New York Times released a brand new movie clip of "About Time" as part of their 'Anatomy of a Scene' series. Director and writer Richard Curtis narrates the scene/clip. Be sure to check it out below. Richard Curtis...