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Latest Movie Production Additions

We have additional production and official on-set images of “The Revenant“, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and “Brooklyn” in our gallery. We also replaced previous added stills with better quality.


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  1. Dear Mr. Gleeson, I greet you and express my admiration for her acting work.
    I met him recently by About Time and it was love at first sight (jajajajajajaja), all very well done, the script, performances, scenery, music. I liked his performance that I thought that history was written inspired by you.
    I started researching and found episodes of Your Bad Self and greatly appreciated his humor and wit as a writer, from there I went to immaturity for Charity and I loved seeing their creativity and Charity, then saw Anna Karenina, one more to the list, I loved; Ex-Machina and Unbroken you really showed me that. It’s versatile because, to my mind was completely different from his other works.
    Six Shooter and Perrier’s Bounty loved to see in you. So young in their interpretation, and in True Grit, Never Let Me Go.
    I met Noreen and What Will Survive for Us, where I saw a bizarre aspect in you. That also attracted me.
    When I found the video Squarehead 2025, I fell in love again (ha ha ha). Be Right Back episode of Black Mirror, was pinned …
    Calvary fascinated me and left me without a doubt that you. It’s very versatile.
    I saw the two of Harry Potter just for you. When I learned of his involvement in Star Wars, (although I was never a fan of it) I devoted myself to see ALL the previous films to understand the plot and I just thought it was great his performance.
    I’m waiting to see Brooklyn and The Revenant. Crash Pad and will star Christina Applegate. And of course all that I need … Rebel Heart; Boy Eats Girl; Dreed; Studs, etc, etc …
    I wish you the best of luck and much continued success. I also beg you to keep it simple and humble of heart because that is in the interviews. I am that it has matured, as the years do not go in vain but the freshness and good humor that broadcasts in the different interviews I’ve seen are truly novel and unique touch to always preserve.
    I’m not a film critic or anything, I’m just a school teacher who loves his job.
    A hug from Venezuela. <3
    Excuse my English… 🙁

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