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The 2016 Black List was announced earlier this week and Domhnall was among the people who announced one of the scripts through social media videos. You can see the video for yourself below.

Stars such as Peter Dinklage, David Benioff, Armie Hammer, Eva Longoria, and Domhnall Gleeson began announcing the selected scripts through social media videos on Monday at 9 a.m. Josh Singer, who won an Oscar for the “Spotlight” screenplay, made one of the announcements as did Writers Guild of America West President Howard Rodman. The entire list is on the Black List web site.


Domhnall is featured in W Magazine’s Best Performances issue (February 2016). We have added the photoshoot in our gallery and the magazine scans will be added as soon as possible.

Domhnall Gleeson in Ex Machina, Brooklyn, The Revenant, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens

“It’s weird to say that you have a crush on your father, but I have a professional crush 
on my dad, Brendan Gleeson. He’s fearless. I thought he was gorgeous in the film In 
Bruges, though he didn’t come to a very nice end. As his son, it’s kind of difficult to watch.”

Domhnall’s screentest interview can be found after the jump.

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Domhnall and his co-star Alicia Vikander attended the 2015 Moet British Independent Film Awards earlier this month. Domhnall was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his work in “Brooklyn” but he lost to his father Brendan Gleeson. He took the stage to accept the award on behalf of his father. He later accepted the award for his “The Revenant” co-star Tom Hardy for Best Actor. Domhnall’s other movie “Ex Machina” took home several awards, including for Best British Independent Film and Best Director.

The official coverage live stream is still up at BIFA’s official youtube channel, you can find the video after the jump.

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The high definition screencaptures of Domhnall’s The Late Late Show with James Corden talk show appearances have been added in our gallery. The episode aired earlier this week and we previously updated our site with the official video segments. The full episode is still available on (U.S. visitors only). They showed a movie clip of “The Revenant” during Domhnall’s appearance.


Additional high quality images of Domhnall at the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” World Premiere are added in our gallery. Many thanks to my friend Claudia for her donations. You can also find the first red carpet interviews after the jump.

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The new trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” aired last night at ESPN and it was released online soon after. You can (re)watch the trailer below. The movie will be released on December 18, 2015 in the U.S.A.

Deadline is reporting that the presale tickets caused to crash Fandango and others. They are reporting the following story:

The months and months of hype have paid off for Disney and Lucasfilm this afternoon, as theater chains began offering advance ticket sales for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which hits theaters two months from today on December 18. Perhaps a little too well, however. Legions of Star Wars fans immediately rushed to online ticket sellers to secure their seats but alas, the force is not strong with them. The sudden rush of demand from Jedi-happy fans has caused loading issues and site outages on purchasing platforms including Fandango, the Alamo Drafthouse, and AMC Theaters.

Fandango was most seriously affected as of this writing, with the site timing out before the home page loads when we attempted to access it. Service for ticket sellers has been spotty all over, and though many fans were eventually able to purchase tickets after several attempts, others are reporting they’ve gotten access only for these sites to crash again before finalization.


We have added the new poster of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” in our gallery. We also replaced the first production still of Domhnall with better quality. A new trailer will also air tonight on ESPN during the football game. Teasers of the trailer can found on the official twitter account.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just two months away and today we’re proud to reveal the official theatrical poster showcasing an awakening of the dark side… and the light. And be sure to tune into ESPN’s Monday Night Football tomorrow for an exclusive new look at the film.

If that’s not enough, tickets for the highly anticipated film will also go on sale tomorrow for showings in theaters across the globe. Check out the list below to see how some theaters will be celebrating this momentous occasion with special events and exclusive giveaways.

For more information about the fan events be sure to head over to


Fox released a new trailer of “The Revenant” which features a few new glimpses of Domhnall in the movie. You can find the trailr below. The movie will be released on December 25 in the U.S.A. and January 15, 2016 in the U.K.

Inspired by true events, THE REVENANT is an immersive and visceral cinematic experience capturing one man’s epic adventure of survival and the extraordinary power of the human spirit. In an expedition of the uncharted American wilderness, legendary explorer Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is brutally attacked by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting team. In a quest to survive, Glass endures unimaginable grief as well as the betrayal of his confidant John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). Guided by sheer will and the love of his family, Glass must navigate a vicious winter in a relentless pursuit to live and find redemption. THE REVENANT is directed and co-written by renowned filmmaker, Academy Award® winner Alejandro G. Iñárritu (Birdman, Babel).

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