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Hunger TV Interview

Domhnall sat down with Hunger TV alongside his co-star Will Poulter to talk about “The Revenant“. We have added the photoshoot outtakes in our gallery and the interview can be found below.

Setting aside space sagas and superhero schlock, The Revenant is about as big a film production you could possibly get right now. With director Alejandro González Iñárritu still basking in Oscar success with last year’s Birdman and arguably the biggest movie star in the world in Leo DiCaprio hell bent on winning one of his own, it’s been long expected that this would be a special project. Factor in an epic, archetypal Hollywood storyline (revenge!), some of the most astonishing photography you’ll see on the big screen, thanks to cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki and 65mm film, plus a fantastic supporting cast and you have something pretty spectacular to divert your attention for two and half hours.

We spoke with two members of the cast, the ever-excellent Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter, to discuss just how special an experience it was to make a film with such a punishing schedule and lofty ambitions.
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Happy Sad Confused Interview

Domhnall stopped by Josh Horowitz's Happy Sad Confused podcast. We have added the Happy, Sad, Confused photoshoot in our gallery and you can listen to the interview below. The interview contains spoilers on Star Wars! The exceptionally talented, tall,...
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The Last Magazine Interview + Photoshoot

The Last Magazine released a new interview and photoshoot of Domhnall to promote the US release of "Frank". We have added the photoshoot in our gallery and the interview can be found below/inside. In just one year since we...
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Video: Apple SoHo Store Meet The Actors

Domhnall and his co-stars Michael Fassbender and Carla Azar were part of the 'Meet the Actors/Filmmaker' series of Apple. They did a Q&A panel at the SoHo Apple store in New York. You can watch the full panel below...
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“Frank” NY Press Junket Round-Up

We will round-up the joint press junket video interview that Domhnall and co-star Michael Fassbender did last week in New York for "Frank". We will edit this post when more interviews are released so be sure to check back...
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HuffPost Live “Frank” Interview

Domhnall sat down with Huffington Post Live yesterday to promote "Frank". Domhnall talks about "Frank", confirms he joined "The Revenant", kind of talks about "Star Wars: Episode VII", his dad Brendan Gleeson and more. Writer, director and actor Domhnall...