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We added the Empire Magazine (October 2013) scans featuring a brand new interview and photoshoot with Domhnall to promote “About Time” in our gallery. Many thanks to my friend Celyn for donating the scans!

We want to ask you to please credit if you use or repost the scans anywhere else.


The posters, production stills and official behind the scenes stills of “About Time” are added in our gallery. The movie will be released in the UK and Ireland on September 4 and it will go wide on November 8th in the US.


The Telegraph released a brand new interview Domhnall did to promote the upcoming release of “About Time“. It’s a really interesting interview with some nice quotes from directors Joe Wright (“Anna Karenina” and Richard Curtis. We also added the photoshoot Domhnall did for the newspaper in our gallery.

By his own admission, the Irish actor Domhnall Gleeson is no one’s idea of a typical romantic lead. True, he’s a lean six-footer who carries himself with a certain grace. But he has a shock of long, red, heroically unkempt hair that falls over his eyes; his appearance can often be summarised as ‘dragged through a hedge backwards’. Pale in complexion, he looks like he has just woken up after a rowdy night. ‘Suave’ is not the word that comes to mind. Here is a man who says his big-screen ambition is ‘to be in a film noir where I’m “the guy”, you know?’ Not romantic comedy, then? A shrug: ‘The rom-com genre is not something that necessarily lights my jets.’

It seems incongruous, then, that Domhnall Gleeson (his first name rhymes with tonal) is currently at the epicentre of rom-com land, as the star of Richard Curtis’s new film, About Time. It largely cleaves to a familiar Curtis template: Gleeson plays Tim, a nice, somewhat diffident young Englishman, who is smitten with a winning American woman (Rachel McAdams). But it also features a sci-fi element – time travel – that plays havoc with the story. And unusually for Curtis, it’s more about family than friendship; Tim’s relationship with his father (Bill Nighy) is a significant (and moving) narrative strand. Gleeson still seems faintly dazed at landing the role; in truth, he’s surprised to be cast as someone called Tim.

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Domhnall did an interview with The Last Magazine earlier this summer to promote the release of “About Time” in the US. We added the photoshoot Domhnall did for the magazine in our gallery, and be sure to read the interview below/inside.

“If you want to get famous, just kill a prostitute, you know? It’s a lot easier and you’re guaranteed to make some headlines.” That isn’t how the interview with Domhnall Gleeson, Ireland’s native son and rising talent, starts. Nor is it Gleeson’s line (he openly cops it from Ricky Gervais). But he does say it, deadpan, as a way to explain the sorts of faults and commitments it takes to not only be an actor, but one of worth, the kind Gleeson would like to be.

“It’s not the kind of business that people get in to be famous. If you get into it for the money or the fame, then the odds are so stacked against you,” Gleeson says. “You’ll fall out of love with it pretty quickly. If you’re working, I can’t imagine any better job. It’s when you’re not working that it sucks.”

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The first featurette of “About Time” was released earlier this week and it gives us a nice look on set of the movie. High definition screen captures are added in our gallery and be sure to watch the featurette below!

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